IDM Schwimmen

The 31th Internationale Deutsche Meisterschaften im Schwimmen will take place from thursday, July 6th till  July 9th in Berlin again.

The Championships are one of the outstanding paralympic swimming competitions in the world. There will be heats in the morning sessions and the Finals in the evening sessions.

We are awaiting outstanding sports perfomances, pure Drama and really internationally flair in one of the most competitive paralympic swimming events in the world. An outcome of the IDM are noumerous records set in Berlin. 


The Internationale Deutsche Meisterschaften 2017 will be held the 18th time in Berlin. Our vision was the origination of a competition at highest level of competitiveness and organization in paralympic swimming. The idea was born out of misery. There was and still is only the financial capacity to compete in at most 4 international events per year. 

We had to get the elite swimmers of the world to compete in Berlin as our top swimmers can't go to enough high level competitions .


The vision is coming true since a couple of years.

Around 500 participants from over 50 nations represent highest paralympic level with numerous world records. The IDM are established as a main event of paralympic swimming calendar. 

Our press service and the online stream encourage the substantial international media coverage.

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Paralympic Swimming have a system which provides several winners per event (f.i. 100m Freestyle). Here you can find an explanation of the sports class system for athletes with an impairment. 



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