IDM Schwimmen
29. internationale deutsche meisterschaften
for swimmers with an impairment

You always wanted to see Berlin? Just do it! June 2016 will be a good date for. From June 9 to 12 we will provide the IDM 2016 to you.

568 swimmers from 41 nations competed at the IDM 2015 from Thursday April 16 to Sunday 19 in Berlin Europa Sportpark. We was happy to welcome teams from Singapur, Columbia and India competing beside the paralympic swimming top teams from Ukraine, Australia, GB, USA and Russia.

We are proud serving a championship to 3200 spectators, tousands of visitors at the live stream and Superstars like Jessica Long (USA), Eleanor Simmonds (GB), Federico Morlacci (Italia), Brenden Hall (Australia), Sebastian Iwanow, Elena Krawzow and Daniela Schulte (Germany) to name some of them. At all 47 world records and nomerous regional records at the IDM 2015 gave an impressive statement for the status of the IDM in paralympic swimming calendar. As well as lots of junior swimmers had showen great performances to reach personal bests.

We hope to welcome you at the IDM 2016 June 9 to 12!


Paralympic Swimming have a system which provides several winners per event (f.i. 100m Freestyle). Here you can find an explanation of the sports class system for athletes with an impairment. 




Here you can find the Entry Package of the IDM 2016.


Here you can find the 'All in' Package form.


The IDM 2016 will take place June 9 to 12.


Here you will find the actually record lists. We have listed all records set up at the IDM 2015.

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